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Stremio Review

What is Stremio …? Well, according to the official website, Stremio is “the only hub streaming video you will ever need. “It is obviously a play on the word” flow “, but it looks Italian. So I mentally pronounced “Stremio” similar to the way a legendary video game plumber said, “a me in a way, Mario! ”

Anyway, Stremio is a free streaming service that aggregates material from other sources via the open-source software. It does not create original content. , You distribute instead of outside content across Stremio application on your laptop or computer. Sounds good so far, is not it? Let’s take a closer look with reviewing Stremio.

User Experience

Through Stremio application is quite simple. It is simplified. You can get content from other sources, but you look at everything in the Stremio application. The main page displays new content in all channels you are subscribed. For this review, I took some pretty standard chains the likes of Netflix and the NFL.

The home page also displays a list of top movies and TV shows, as well as the up and television movies based on the rating. If YouTube channels are more your thing, you can scroll through a list of top channels from the likes of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran.

Adding movies, shows, or channel to your library is easy, assuming that there is an available stream. There will not always be one. Let’s say you want to watch Aquaman but do not want to visit your local theater to do. You can click on Aquaman in Stremio application, but in my case, I got a notification that no streams available. Below was an invitation to “see all available add-ons. “In other words, no add-ons installed that I offered this title, but I certainly could not see other options to see if they had.


Stremio may prefer to dance around the legal aspects, but I’ll just say: The high content of the service seems to exist in at best a gray area of ​​legality. YouTube channels seem fine, because I can legally watch NFL reposted content in many places. The same is true of republished content Netflix.

Streaming Quality

I used content only available through official add-ons. For those at least, the streaming quality is comparable to what you find on YouTube. Some of the videos seemed to take a little longer to load, and one or two would not load at all, but at least for me, which is better and constantly sitting around waiting for videos to buffer.


Stremio is totally free. There is no need to put the information in your credit card to use the service.


How useful you will find Stremio depends on what exactly you intend to watch with her. If you want to watch YouTube channels of videos, you will not get much of it. If you want to sit on your couch and watch movies that are still in theaters, you can do it too, but it is riskier. I’m not comfortable recommending you to do this, so I’m also uncomfortable recommending Stremio.


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