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This is a free app that gives  you to flow many films and TV shows from your Android. You can also download these episodes and films and watch them without an internet connection.

Playview works with a variety of video streaming services such as VK, Nowvideo, Putlocker, Moevideos, Allmyvideos, played. for, and streamcloud. You can choose between all, if you have a preference.

There is a list with all genre updates and new categories, different, and even search bars. You can easily find the video you need, including a trailer for a movie that hasn’t appeared yet. Most films have links in several languages. You can watch movies you choose in Spanish, English, with or without subtitles, etc. The quality is generally quite good, and the video is mostly DVDRip.

Playview is an excellent application for watching movies online. Thank you for that you can enjoy hundreds of films and TV shows on your Android. Some links, as usual, do not work properly, but fortunately, almost always more than one link to choose.

Sharing is Caring

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