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Hulu is one of the most popular TV and movie streaming services for good reason. It is the perfect complement and counterpoint to Netflix, with a wide variety of familiar entertainment networks such as ABC, Fox and NBC that you can watch soon after the air and a growing catalog of its own original series acclaimed critical. If you have $ 6 a month to spare and do not mind trading a few ads for a variety of TV options, Hulu is an understatement.


Parents should know that some free TV shows and movies streaming on Hulu may not be suitable for children. Although a lot of content on the classic sitcoms, network dramas and cable shows really are fine for tweens, there are programs such as Prison Break, The Girls Next Door, and Saturday Night Live, which violence, sex, and other inappropriate content that even some teenagers should not see. And what makes the selection process very difficult for parents, the site does not include a rating system or even the most basic MPAA and TV ratings. Also missing a list system of this kind of bad things can be included in a show. User information, such as other websites visited and information of social media is collected and shared with third parties. Hulu recently added a feature to opt-out personal information, but users are automatically enabled this feature, and must go through several steps to delete all personal information from the collection. The ads are shown before and after all programs, unless users switch to a subscription service without advertising. Sometimes the commercials promote the shows that are not appropriate for children showing the questionable content. Read the developer’s privacy policy for more information on how your (or your children) the information is collected, used and shared, and choices you may have on this matter, and note that the privacy policies and operating conditions change frequently. Under the law of CCPA you have the right to protect your personal information. Make request a Do not sell Hulu.


HULU.COM, the joint venture between NBC video library and FOX, hosts a series of TV shows, movies and interview clips available online. You can watch everything from classic tween friendly as Who is the BossThere are also a growing number of feature films to watch movies.

IS IT ANY GOOD? is a great place for entertainment, it is hard to believe it’s free. There are advertisements, usually for about 2 minutes before the show, but unless you have to sit through in a conventional television broadcast. The organization of the site is very intuitive and there are nice features like full-screen mode and “Lower lights” that add to the viewing pleasure. As the site becomes more popular, probably the examination section will become a greater resource for what to watch. Who needs cable when you Hulu?

Should you get Hulu?

Depending on the plan you choose, Hulu cost between $ 6 and $ 12 per month for the streaming service, making it a competitive choice if you want to follow new shows and find a solid old and new movie collection. If you’re curious to try the streaming service, you can start a free 30-day trial of Hulu, Hulu (No ads) or Hulu Plus Live TV.

Sharing is Caring

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