Best Split Screen Baby Monitor

If you have more than one child, then the importance to control them doubles. Fortunately, today’s market offers many excellent options for parents. One of them is a split baby monitor. Like many other baby monitors split monitors allow control of more than one space. Many of them have cameras and videos and are very comfortable in use.

We have gathered together various brands and are ready to describe our experience in choosing the best split-screen baby monitor. If you are a mom or a dad that is interested in the purchase of the best of the best for your sweetheart, then read this review till the end.

Such monitor types are especially handy when parents want to monitor babies moving around various rooms in a house. Such a product is more convenient because you need not buy many baby monitors. It is also good if you need to monitor several rooms or see more than one baby in separate rooms.

Well, let’s review the best sellers among double baby monitors that offer market today.

Motorola Split Screen Baby Monitor

Among a variety of brands, we have picked Motorola MBP50 G2 Video Baby Monitor. This brand offers pretty good parenting tools. This monitor is among them. It provides full room coverage due to its two portable cameras. This monitor comes with two cameras. Also, it is equipped with a 5-inch LCD screen. It is very comfortable to monitor your baby at night thanks to Motorola’s night vision feature. The image is very sharp. Additionally, a baby monitor is provided with an intercom system. Such a function allows a mother to speak to her baby thanks to built-in speakers and a microphone.

With this monitor, every mother will be happy. It allows to control cameras and get a view of a baby during the day and at night. Its functions help to zoom in, tilt, or pan cameras and get the best view of a baby. With the help of arrows, a mother can pan right or left or even tilt down and up the camera. Thus by getting a closer view of your little one you can ensure the rest and comfort of a baby.

As each mother wants to provide the best for her baby the manufacturer decided to add some useful functions like temperature control. Due to special sensors, each mother can know the temperature in the room. So, this cool feature makes your life easier, happier, and more productive thanks to the best split-screen baby monitor from Motorola.

Motorola offers other greater features like sleeping times, diaper changes, height and weight of a baby, feeding quantities, and pumping duration as well. They are crucial for quality parenting support and can be achieved thanks to Motorola’s special Growth and Development Tracker. Also, the company did a great job for moms in the field of additional knowledge. The monitor offers Baby Facts of the Day with Sleep and Parenting Tips which are very helpful.

Thus, parents can get not only baby monitoring but great experience while raising a child.


VAVA Baby Monitor with Split Screen

This baby monitor comes with a split-screen monitor and two cameras. For parents that have more than one kid to keep eye on this is the best split-screen baby monitorLet’s together find out why.

If you can monitor your kids at the same time it could save your time, help to avoid stress, and make your life happier.

The monitor comes with a 5-inch full-color display. The manufacturer provided it with a night vision. It also has to have noise indicators and a thermostat. This helps to monitor room temperature, especially in winter. The best thing is that this brand provided moms with the ability to control volume levels. The monitor has multiple volume levels which are especially crucial at night for heavy sleepers.

Moms do not have to spend a fortune to buy this monitor. It has a quite affordable price that is worth every penny. Those moms that have two babies in separate rooms will appreciate this brand. View two locations simultaneously and without an issue. A mother can scan a camera panoramically, switch to night vision and rotating cameras. The manufacturer has provided moms with the ability to know more. This is important for those who have become a mother for the first time and mothers of toddlers as well.

For those who have multiple cameras in the room, it is important to know that this monitor will show two cameras at once and will cycle if you have more than two cameras.

Its additional functions include time, battery level, talkback activation, alarm, zoom level, and mute.


Baby monitors with split-screen monitors are handy if parents are planning to monitor twins, more than one kid, or want to monitor multiple rooms at the same time. It is also extremely convenient if you are planning to use more than two cameras. It often happens in expanded families, so, keep in mind this useful function.

We hope that you find our reviews of the best monitors for dual monitor setup useful and informative. With a lot of many helpful features, these monitors have become a part of life for many moms and dads.

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