Best Power Supply Brands for 2021

The power supply unit is one of the most important things you should think about if you are a gamer. Since it is the heart of a PC it supplies every component of your computer. All components benefit from your power supply unit. This means that users should pay much attention while selecting their power supply. Without the right power supply from a reliable manufacturer, users run the risk of turning their computers into an expensive paperweight.


Well, we have made extensive research and collected for you our top list with the best power supply brands. Let’s dive into them and find out nuances.

Best Power Supply for Gaming 2021

PSU takes AC power from a wall and transfers it into DC power-the low-voltage. It goes further to feed all components of your computer. So, if you want your RAM, motherboard, CPU, drives, fans, RGB lights, graphic cards to get steady power to choose a reliable brand.

  1. Corsair RMx Series RM750x
  2. Thermaltake Toughpower GF2 ARGB 850W


  1. Corsair RMx Series RM750X

This model is capable of delivering more than enough power for a modern gaming computer. It comes with all-Japanese capacitors, has a zero RPM fan mode. It runs silently even under heavy loads. The Power supply units from this series have a digital interface that helps monitor the software.

  1. Thermaltake Toughpower GF2 ARGB 850W

This unit keeps cool thanks to Thermaltake Riing Duo 140mm RGB fan. This fan not only supplies power, but it delivers much lighting due to 18 ARGB LEDs inserted around the fan. Due to this modular unit users can swap out shorter or longer cables and omit cables that are not necessary.

Seasonic Power Supply

Seasonic is one of the oldest and best manufacturers producing power supplies that was founded in 1975. The company has cultivated lines of power supplies. Today these power supply units are the standard-bearers regarding quiet computing and efficiency. This brand is like nothing we have seen before. We have several models that can be the best option for you while choosing a power supply unit among the best power supply brands for your PC:

  1. Seasonic Focus GM-550 Gold 550W
  2. Seasonic Focus GM-650 Gold 650W
  3. Seasonic Focus GM-750 Gold 750W


  1. Seasonic Focus GM-550 Gold 550W

This is an ideal option for those users who need a solid power supply and do not want to break the bank. It provides basic connections. It comes with 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fans. Users like this model for their silent fan operation that is also stable taking into account the long run.


  1. Seasonic Focus GM-650 Gold 650W Power Supply

Users say that this model is a bit pricey. However, this trusted brand deserves it. The manufacturer equipped this power supply with a 120mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) fan. The best thing is that it generates less noise and heat as well. Focus GM is an upgraded version from Focus. It is a top seller that was launched in 2017.

  1. Seasonic Focus GM-750 Gold 750W Power Supply

This model features high performance and has super-compact dimensions. Its price does not exceed $100 and it deserves it. It has lower output noise. The good thing is that manufacturer gives a ten-year warranty.

Best Micro ATX Power Supply

Intel set some low-load efficiency requirements regarding ATX spec. according to these specifications, every PSU should have over 70% efficiency rate with 10 W. This requirement was launched in summer 2020. Besides these low-efficiency requirements, the company added some new PSU timing requirements in Alternative Sleep Mode.

  1. Corsair RM750x (2021
  2. Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000
  3. Corsair CX450


  1. Corsair RM750x 2021

Corsair has to make changes because the competition on the market is far tougher from brands like Super Flower Leadex V, Seasonic Focus GX, and many other big names. The new line from this brand consists of five new models. Their capacities are ranging from 550W to 1000W. Let’s see the main differences:

  • The model comes with a magnetic levitation fan. It was designed for a long lifetime under high temperatures.
  • The brand shows high efficiency under very high and light high loads, which is good.
  • 80 PLUS Gold certification
  • Standby compatibility regarding fast wake from sleep time mode
  • 1000W and 850W PSUs EPS connectors (three connectors)

The only thing that needs improvement is efficiency indicators under high load.

  1. Seasonic Prime Titanium TX-1000

This manufacturer has hit the jackpot and became the best PSU brand in 2021.

. Its Prime platform takes its begging from Gold efficiency and goes up to Titanium. The company’s base platform is successfully used by several well-known brands in their PSUs. The reason is that this is a bullet-proof product with a twelve-year warranty. By having a top-notch build quality this manufacturer uses Japanese capacitors everywhere: fluid dynamic bearing fan and polymer caps. Another benefit of using this model is this power supply has six PCIe connectors on dedicated cables. Users do not have issues regarding powering energy-hungry graphics cards.

  1. Corsair CX450

This is a power supply unit with the lowest capacity but it is budget-friendly. All models are designed and manufactured by two OEMs. They are Channel Well Technology and Great Wall. It is rare to find such a high-end platform that uses modern LLC resonant converters and voltage regulation modules in this price range.

In general, this model offers a high performance taking into account its price. It will ideally fit mainstream builds.

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