Best Motherboards for i7 8700k

Best Motherboards for i7 8700k

If your CPU is equipped with the right motherboard, then you have made the most important decision. A properly chosen motherboard will unlock the potential of your processor and overlock it as well. Regardless of the purpose of your CPU, it needs the best performance. In this article, we are going to review the best motherboards for i7 8700k and other processors as well. Thus, we will help you save money and time and purchase the right mobo.

So, there is no need to go somewhere else to find a suitable mobo for your processor. All you need is simply go down through our list, and get the one you desired. We have gathered only the best and advanced motherboards that will make a perfect partner with your processor by adding professional performance. Let’s get started.

Best Motherboards for i7 8700k
The Intel Core i7 8700K is one of the best products among Coffee Lake processors. Reviewing the lineup of Intel’s Coffee Lake processors with 12 threads and 6 cores, the 8700K seems to be one of the best options. Due to its better gaming performance (up to 30%), many of us purchased it with the aim to up our setups.

The thing you should know that 8700K is compatible with motherboards housing the 300 series chipsets. 8700K is capable of overlocking significantly provided that you have a relevant cooler. In this regard, we have gathered the best motherboards for i7 8700k.

1. MSI Z370-A Pro. The Best Budget Motherboard 
Being the best i7 8700k motherboard it is a good alternative for those who are on a budget and want to get the best performance and reliability. It is worth saying that this mobo does not have great capabilities that have high-end motherboards. However, it is reliable for keeping low temperatures and easy BIOS support and support light overlocking.

2. ASRock Z370 Extreme4. The Best Value Mobo
This is the best budget high-end board for i7 8700k. if you want to build up your Coffee Lake at a reasonable budget and at the same time get an excellent performance then this is the best motherboard for intel i7 8700k. You will get:

· Built VRM, including decent PWM controller and 14 phases
· MOSFETs and VRM cooling. Massive heatsink, that will help to cool the 14 phase VRM design.

3. ASRock X370 Taichi.The Best Mobo for Overlocking i7 8700k
Users who want to clock their Intel processor to over 5GHz with best i7 8700k motherboard should keep in mind that this one will support them with:

· Decent build quality
· VRM with onboard cooling

4.  Best Motherboard for Intel i7 8700k for Gamers
Asrock is continuing to surprise us with amazing offerings. Its mobos that are packed with a lot of features at reasonable prices and super quality are the leaders on the market. The star of its production line is ASRock Z370 Taichi. Due to its overkilling VRM users can easily overclock and get the best possible results from 7-8700K. you will be impressed while gaming on this board.

5. ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex
This is the next worthy addition among different types of motherboards on our list. It was released in 2017. Speaking honestly, it has quite a high price. However, taking into account its groundbreaking overclocking performance along with unique features and design it proves itself worthy of the was designed for 8 Generation processors. This mobo offers 5-Way Optimization with Auto-Tuning and FanXpert 4. To cool your processor effectively and build peak overclocking performance this mobo tailors overclocking profiles automatically. However, the board can support only up to 32GB of memory with only two DIMM slots. As to storage support, it is worth saying that ASUS ROG Maximus X Apex M.2 connections. This means that for the connection of any M.2 devices (PCIe, Optane, or SATA) users can entirely rely on the DIMM.2 add-in-card.

6. EVGA Z370 Micro 
This is a simple, but yet powerful motherboard for Intel i7 8700k. When you need a fully compatible and best motherboard for Intel i7 8700k this one is an ideal choice. The board was released in 2018. As to overclocking this is the best choice. It has a quite poor design. The board was produced with an accent on black color and almost has no RGB LEDs. EVGA Z370 Micro offers two re-inforced DIMM slots. For those who are planning to run IGP graphics, we would recommend buying a discrete graphic because this board has no video outputs.

7. ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero
Compared to ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming this mobo has better memory support and features a significantly improved audio chipset. The board is capable of reaching memory speeds up to DDR4-4133. Due to the presence of SupremeFX audio technology this board is the best one for audiophiles. While the good sound quality is not the aim number one for gamers, this board has Japanese components for better and natural warm sound quality. That is why in this niche this is the most appropriate option for the i7 8700K motherboard for gaming. Such quality is reached thanks to a 113 dB signal-to-noise ratio. ASUS ROG Maximus X Hero indeed is one of the best motherboards for i7 8700k. And one of the reasons is because it is DIY-friendly one. It can be easily used by a user that has never put together a PC. It is easy to remove graphics cards and memory modules as well just by one hand.

Motherboards for i7 6700k
Continuing to review different types of motherboards that are aimed to resolve different gaming and professional problems of users and have decided to drag your attention to one more manufacturer and its offer. They have been tested and run through benchmark process. By doing this we are proud of being honest and giving our readers only verified information. Meet top 5 motherboards that fit i7 6700k processor best of all:

ASUS MAXIMUS IX FORMULA. Provides better connectivity. Has 5 ways optimization. Users can benefit from the color synchronization and auto tuning feature for more personalization.
MSI Z170A Gaming M5. Has DDR4-3600 memory. Users can launch a game by pressing a single button.
ASRock Z270 EXTREME4. Fits 6th and 7th generation of intel core processors. Has affordable price and chipset that is capable to support a triple monitor.
Asus ROG MAXIMUS VIII. This is the best mobo for gamers compatible with i7 6700k processor. The manufacturer offers this board with 5-way optimization and is equipped with multi-zoned LED lighting.
ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming/AURA. This is one of the best motherboards for i7 6700k processor from ASUS. Provides stable and easy overclocking. It is the best fit for the 6-th generation of intel core.

Among the best Motherboards for i7 5820k we have gathered a list of the most popular and perfect ones that are fully compatible with i7 5820k. As known, very cheap or low quality boards from random unknown brands can destroy your computer and its components. That is why investing in the best mobos from only a reputable brand will guarantee you security of a whole build and its components. We carried out great work instead of you and are happy to present to your attention the motherboards for i7 5820k below:
ASUS X99-DELUXE. This is the band number one. It ensures full security and allows to avoid problems with electrical discharged that are harmful for your computer. This is the best seller for creation of a high-end build. It completely fits i7 5820k.
GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO Wi-Fi. Manufactured for 9th and 8th Intel Core processors. The mobo is equipped with smart fan 5. It has hybrid fan headers and several temperature sensors as well.

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