Best Motherboard for Intel i7 8700k

Being experts in the field of motherboards and processors we have decided to share our experience. As a user, you should keep in mind several important factors that influence picking up the best motherboard for Intel i7 8700k. This processor comes with twelve threads and six cores that are very valuable options for experienced users and especially for gamers. The latest series of Coffee Lake processors are favored among gamers for their powerful hardware. However, it is important to remember that processors of particularly this brand are cooperative with 300-series chipsets.

Since you should pick a compatible motherboard we have concentrated our attention on the 3 best ones. They are compatible with the Intel i7-8700K and are highly recommended by users and professional gamers as the best motherboard for i7-8700k. 

ASUS ROG Strix Z370-F

Our list of the best motherboards for Intel i7 8700k begins with this mobo thanks to its outstanding gaming features. It has tons of features. The board offers massive CPU coolers. Also, it is easy to install. The mobo overclocks to 5.3Ghz on 1.36v and comes with user-friendly BIOS and AIO pump header.

  • It has an affordable price
  • Offers 2 USB 3.1 gen2 ports
  • Supports 2x M.2
  • Has excellent overclocking capacity
  • The only problem that a user might have relates to Windows 10 installation. Sometimes it is unable to detect the networking adapter.


Our second nominee for the role of the best motherboard for Intel i7 8700k. It is almost a versatile mobo with a deep-rooted understanding of gamers’ needs. Users love it for being the best motherboard for i7. Packed with M.2 connectors and Thermal Guard technology the mobo is capable of transfer speeds of up to 32 Gbps and blocking throttling and bottlenecks from M.2 devices. This is the best motherboard for intel i7 8700k that fully represents a gamer lifestyle through a lot of features. By maintaining low voltage GIGABYTE Z370 AORUS works cool and runs easily.

  • It runs smooth
  • Voltages remain low
  • Supports very accurate WI-FI and Bluetooth

  • Supports only 7 USBs

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E

This mobo was created for gamers. It comes with onboard wi-fi and has five-way intelligent optimization.

  • 1 ASUS AURA 4-pin RGB Header
  • Plenty of USB and fan headers
  • 1 Addressable 3-pin RGB Header
  • Users have some objections regarding the size of the I/O front shielding.

Best Motherboard for Intel i7-10700k

This next mini-guide is designed to help gamers who desire to build an Intel-based system with its eight-core processor. If you are a gamer that desires to build a high-end PC for your gaming purposes and do not want to overpay much money for an extreme system, then the best choice is going to be Intel’s Core i7-10700K. It comes with sixteen threads and eight cores as well and is capable of handling any scenario regarding your gaming preferences. Choosing the best motherboard for Intel i7-10700k, we have selected several solid boards that will make your gaming process maximum effective. Meet our top 4 picks for 10700k below:

  1. ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-Plus. One of the best mobos for Intel i7-10700k. It comes with many RGB lighting options and with USB 3.2 support, has an advanced power design that helps to get higher overclocks, and supports up to 128GB of RAM.
  • It has an affordable price
  • Great and well-thought design
  • A lot of fan headers (connectors)
  • It comes with Gen1 ports, USB 3.2 Gen2, and additional headers on the mobo
  • Supports wireless connectivity through Wi-Fi 6 standard
  • Has heatsinks and VRMs
  • Compared to other analogs this mobo has fewer USB ports. Also, it has only two M.2 slots for solid-state drives.
  1. GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra. The board supports up to 128GB of DDR4 memory and has dual M.2 slots. Also, it comes with an ATX form factor. For those users who desire to build a high-end gaming computer and buy a feature-packed board compatible with i7-10700K we would recommend GIGABYTE Z490I AORUS Ultra.
  • Multi-featured design
  • Loads of USB support
  • Ultimate VRM hardware
  • Four PWM fan headers
  • Lightweight VRM cooler
  • Low processor temperature due to high power draw

MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus

This mobo has affordable and even low cost. However, it has a fancier design that includes a pre-installed I/O shield, an all-black PCB, and extra heatsinks. if you are a gamer that desires to build a gaming-focused CPU and a build with liquid-cooling systems with multiple fans then this mobo will be your perfect fit.

  • Has up to 5000Mhz Memory OC
  • RGB LED on the chipset
  • A high-end board at an affordable price
  • Good amount of VRM phases
  • Comes with RAM slots without protection
  • Has only 1x M.2 with shield

Best Motherboard for I7 4790k

I7 4790k is a high-performance CPU. Since different people have different types of processors we have decided to discover the main advantages of the most compatible mobos and help you make the right decision while buying them. We have picked three boards:

  1. MSI Z97 Gaming 3. This is the best choice for those who are on a budget. We would recommend these boards for users interested in competitive gaming. The board comes with security and excellent overclocking capabilities and an awesome sound card.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Well stocked BIOS
  • Attractive design
  • Has ready gaming features that provide users with a ready and fast system for games
  • CrossFire and SLI capabilities
  • Audio Boost for added “BOOM”
  • Excellent software package
  • No Intel Thunderbolt
  • SATA Express is an optional extra
  • The color scheme may not fit all users
  1. MSI Z87-G45. Users have reported that they could overclock their CPU higher than 4.4-4.5Ghz using this board. It supports socket 1150. As you know it is necessary to run the I7-4790K. MSI brand is a well-known brand. They provide their boards with decent sound cards. However, it is still the best option for competitive gaming.
  • Good BIOS
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent overclocked and stock performance
  • Red and black themed
  • Has not debugged LCD and onboard buttons
  • No Wireless Features
  • Low automatic overclocking
  1. MSI Z97 Gaming 5. Speaking about the efficiency regarding quality, performance, and cost this is the best option for users. It is an upgrade from Z87-G45. However, it is worth stating that users can get much more control over the overclocking of their CPU. Also, it is perfect for the overclocking of the RAM. It reaches up to 3300Mhz.
  • M.2 support and six SATA 6Gbps
  • Affordable price
  • Provides users with a 6month premium subscription to Twitch. tv
  • CrossFire and SLI capabilities
  • The board has not digital audio output except via HDMI
  • SATA Express is an optional extra

Best Motherboard for I7 9700k

The processor i7-9700K is a very capable option for gamers. Thanks to its plenty of power, high frequencies, and 8 cores users will not need to replace it in near future. We have searched and created a list of the top 2 best motherboards for I7 9700k in a form of recommendations and represent it to your attention below:

  1. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon. It was released in 2018 and is considered to be the most popular mobo option among users. The board provides excellent overclocking abilities and reliability for gaming. Its audio unit is loved by users for its high-end noise cancellation capabilities. A wide range of ports come with this mobo on the rear panel: one USB 3.0 Gen2, three USB 3.0 Gen2, and many others as well. Lan offers a fast 10/100/1000 gigabyte ethernet jack.
  • 2x M.2 SATA slots
  • Supported: SLI and Crossfire
  • Has higher price
  • Has not inbuilt WI-FI
  1. ASRock Z370 Extreme4. This mobo is considered the most perfect overclocking board. Provides quality temperature control for a gaming process.
  • LED Illumination
  • Supported with crossfire and SLI
  • No WI-FI and RGB

Final Thoughts

We have listed some of the best motherboards compatible with many processors in this article. And of course, each of you will find the best fit regarding certain requirements and needs. We hope our recommendations will help you in your choice and transform your professional and gaming potential into an expert level.

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