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APK Extractor is a useful tool you can use to extract all APK any applications you have installed on your device, using just a few simple steps.


The tool is very simple: just open the interface to access the list of applications you have installed on the memory of your mobile device or on a Micro SD, and keep your finger on the application from which you want to extract the APK.


Once you did that, you have two options: you can extract the direct link to where you want the copy or send or share directly from the APK extractor.

Product features

  • Send files via Bluetooth APK / email
  • Uninstalling an app on your phone. (Uninstall system applications are not supported)
  • Lightweight APK application extractor.
  • It is an APK installer and uninstaller free APK.
  • View all APK files on the list; see the SD card.

Product description

APK lists EXTRACT applications the system or installed apps, installed(downloaded) on the phone.

It also gives you to extract any application APK or shear application open, application uninstaller, and detail of any application when clicking the application.

When you press the menu, they show two menu options.



SORT option for application sorting list regarding the name and size of the application.

APK uses options to view the list of the extracted applications.

Click on APK extractor gives you the list and install this application so long click APK APK then listed shear (s), and if we want to delete APK, then delete one of the apps listed APK (s).

Manage and share APK installed on your device.


Sharing is Caring

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