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Bobby Movie APK

Bobby Film is an application that allows you to watch hundreds of movies and shows directly on your Android smartphone, including new releases. But, keep in mind that, according to the film you choose, the quality could be poor enough.

You can easily access the different categories in the menu on the left side. You can find the latest movies added to the application and organize movies by genre or check the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Also, when you click on a movie or show, you can watch related movies or shows.

The best part of Bobby Film is that you can download and apply subtitles to a movie or a click of a button. Simply click the button on the upper right corner and select the language subtitles. In seconds, they will be ready. You can also download a movie or episode to watch it later if you do not have an Internet connection.

Bobby Film is an excellent application to stream movies and shows because you can watch the latest releases and older movies.

Bobby movie APK Features 2020

This app 100% free, and it does nothing to support its viewers for its services. Different options are available to the user on the left side of the application.

Films that applying film Bobby contains are from various backgrounds. It makes genre films of comedy and action, emotion, romance, vintage, and it also contains classic movies of old. You can also record your favorite movies in the folder named “favorite” and can watch the latest movie by restoring the film in this folder.


Sharing is Caring

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